About Us

Business Address : โครงการเดอะพาร์ค เลขที่?31?ซอยลาดพร้าววังหิน?76??
ถนนลาดพร้าววังหิน แขวงลาดพร้าว เขตลาดพร้าว กรุงเทพฯ?10230
Tel : 0-2570-1504-5
Fax : 0-2570-1579
Email : info@secureserve.co.th
Website : www.secureserve.co.th
VAT No : 0105554065634
Company registration number : 0105554065634
Main Members : Ms.Kulwan Saneevong Na Ayudhya
SecureServe is an information technology (IT) research and Software & Hardware Security for business that leverages on internet technology. SecureServe range of products has helped various SME to a better experience in Security infrastructure.
SecureServe is stronger on-site support including unlimited email and phone support and its competitive position in the market.
SecureServe was founded in 2011 and its headquarter is in Bangkok, Thailand


Strategy & Vision
SecureServe continues to make sense of the business security. We will enhance the experience of businesses to communicate and be productive in their operations. Our solutions put value, innovation and ease of support on the table for all level of our customers.


Products & Services
a. Kaspersky Antivirus
b. WatchGuard Appliance Firewall
c. Dell SonicWall
d. Barracuda